Towards UniverCity

A Quantitative Parametric Urban Design Proposal​

Date:  Aug 2021 - Nov 2021

Cluster:  Urbanism & Computation

Work Type:  Collaborative

Co-Worker: Liang Weiyi; Lu Kaiyu

The design aims to investigate a precise, quantitative approach to urban analysis and translate it into a quantitatively controlable approach to urban design. The study site is the great one-north area, south-west Singapore, a multi-functional area with residential, educational, restaurant, office and leisure facilities. We want to turn this complex university area into a more urban, diverse and integrated UniverCity. We design the different functions into small modules and rebuild the city and buildings into a kind of LEGO-style parametric model. Then it is possible to study the specific distribution of functions in each location precisely. Based on this analysis, the number of functional modules that need to be added is calculated and the urban design of the whole area is then controlled.