The Wildlife City

A Design Proposal of Animal-based Ecological Urban Design Method

Date:  Jan - Apr 2022

Cluster:  Final Thesis

Work Type:  Individual

The thesis aims to explore an innovative urban design principle, which calls both the wildlife protection and better human living environment.  In Singapore, as a result of limited land space, it is inevitable to live together with urban wildlife. As the urban development increasing, it is necessary to find a new design proposal for proper human-animal relationship regarding the growing interaction. Meanwhile, a harmonious city with wildlife has become a unique identity of Singapore. Both biologically and culturally, the wildlife design proposal is strongly wanted.


To achieve it, animal shall be considered as the same citizen as people. The thesis attempt to treat all biological life in city as a target object interpreted by data and computer. The whole process is to build an ecological urban design of all scale with both theoretical and quantitative analysis.